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 LONDON Best Massage is  Massage Therapy Service for In Call and Out Call Therapeutic and  Holistic Massage  Service. We will provide you is unsurpassed in quality and professionalism. When you visit our LONDON West massage facilities in London, you’ll be treated by licensed massage therapists (LMTs) who have been extensively trained to address your unique needs.  Best Massage in London West is  therapeutic massage service with experienced profession


A voyage of awesome, unspeakable exploration and discovery awaits.

Alona’s massage style has been designed with one goal in mind – to provide you with the most complete relaxing, healing and blissful experience possible. 

Alona's knowledge and experience from working for many years at some of the world’s best beauty spa’s and massage salon’s and  5 star luxuries Spa in Los Angeles and 5 star Cruise Ships Royal Caribbean Cruises at best beauty SPA where she have gain amazing gift of transmitting powerful healing energy with traditional Reiki Japanese  Massage Therapy and by using Eastern Massage Technique. 

after her 10 years experience and win many awards competition for Best  Massage Therapists,  we can say with confidence thatAlona is an amazing gifted therapist,  energy bodyworker,  therapeutic with healing energy massage therapist.


  Gaining amazing knowledge at massage therapy in areas of  Reiki and CHI,  Holistic approach Healing Kundalini energy,  Chinese meridian’s and Special Shiatsu pressure points techniques, Aura and Shakra balancing.

Alona's philosophy and skills for therapeutic massage and relaxation  healing energy is art  of tough  London Best Massage is absolute best massage services and is designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver Massage Therapy as Prevention to maintain your wellbeing and increase London  Best Massage services are expert and friendly, sophisticated modern techniques to provide you with the best in personalized treatment.

By the best massage therapist and healer Natalia.


Massage therapy in London West by  is a combination and creation of all massage styles;

Therapeutic massage,  Deep tissue massage,  Sports Massage, Swedish Massage Massage, Kundalini, Chi and Reiki,The Chakras balancing and

Shiatsu Massage, Chinese and

 Therapeutic Lomi-Lomi Massage, Trigger Points Massage, and Thai Massage style.


As well as commenting on the physical ecstasy delivered by her  Therapeutic massage services, her distinguished clientèle have also reported an increased sense of well-being and even some miraculous healing.


 London Best Massages  focuses to bring your awareness for unforgeable blissful  transformation.   Alona dedicated to her  massage  therapy as healing art of touch and over the years has successfully provided discerning

gentlemen, ladies, and couples with the ultimate, sensory healing experience.
Alona will transport you a whole new world, exciting every cell of your physical being, while relaxing your mind into an ocean of peace and serenity.

London West Best Massage


Therapeutic Massage Therapy

as Prevention 

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